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Tree Pruning

treepruning_texastreeteamTree pruning may seem like something that can be done by just anyone, but pruning shears or a saw in the wrong hands can quickly turn into some serious and permanent damage to your trees. When done properly, tree pruning can extend the life and health of your trees. And that’s not even the best part, tree pruning can enhance the beauty of the trees in your yard which can add value to your home!

Tree pruning is also known as tree trimming and is best completed by a tree care professional. Our Texas Tree Team arborists have the expert training to understand the methods and techniques used to properly complete your tree pruning job. Call us to come out and evaluate your trees, we will help you determine which trees are in need of trimming and give you a detailed estimate of the work we recommend.

Tree pruning promotes healthy growth of branches and limbs and helps create a beautiful tree canopy where you can relax and enjoy your property with family and friends.  Call Texas Tree Team today to discuss your tree pruning project and help us take your tree care to the next level.