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Tree Injections


exas Tree Team offers an expanding variety of tree injection systems and chemicals designed to meet many tree care needs. Our tree injection solutions deliver the fastest and most effective way to treat and protect trees.

One of the most used and effective insecticides on the market today. Pointer provides reliable systemic insect control on a variety of landscape ornamentals.

Flatheaded Borers
Elm Leaf Beetles
Black Vine Weevil
Eucalyptus Longhorned Borer
Japanese Beetles
Leaf Hoppers
Leaf Miners
Sawfly Larvae
Pine Bark Beetles
Pine Tip Moth Larvae
Royal Palm Bugs
Soft Scale Insects

For systemic insect control on landscape ornamentals and interior plantscapes

Lepidoptera insects such as Gypsy moth, Sphinx caterpillars, Mimosa Webworm, and Tent caterpillars

Elm Leaf Beetles
Lace Bugs
Leaf Miners

For systemic fungicide suppression of selected diseases in tree

Oak Wilt
Many other leaf diseases

Provides effective control of Phytophthora spp. and Pythium diseases associated with Stem and Canker Blight (Sudden Oak Death Phytophthora ramorum) and Beech Decline.
Mastiff PGR is a plant growth regulator (PGR) which produces desirable growth reduction in a wide variety of ornamental trees. With a single Mastiff PGR application, vegetative growth generally is reduced by 40% to 70% over a three-year period. Results will vary depending upon tree species and local growing conditions.
Pinscher PGR
Use on ornamental trees with undesirable fruit or seed production that requires ongoing clean up or causes turf maintenance problem.
Iron Nutriboosters
Relieves symptoms of iron chlorosis and manganese deficiencies in trees. Works most effectively on Oak trees. Effectiveness on other varieties of trees may vary.
Manganese NurtiboostersRelieves symptoms of manganese deficiencies in trees.

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