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Plant Healthcare

plantriskassessment_texastreeteamThe plant healthcare program by Texas Tree Team includes inspections and preventative maintenance to keep your trees, shrubs and lawn safe, healthy and beautiful. A healthy landscape can add value to your home and your trees are a valuable asset on your property.

Texas Tree Team stays on top of the latest innovations in plant healthcare so we are always ready to help clients all over the Houston area with their tree care needs. We have experienced and knowledgeable arborists on staff who understand how to best care for trees and landscapes in every stage of growth.

When you call us to discuss our plant healthcare program, you can be assured that you will get a comprehensive plan that is tailored to the needs of your landscape and trees. We begin with a thorough inspection and risk evaluation of your trees performed by an experienced arborist.  Some of the things we are looking for in your plant healthcare inspection is that your shrubs and trees are receiving the proper amount of nutrients and water. We also inspect for insect damage and signs of tree diseases that threaten the safety and life of your trees.  We’ll discuss your health concerns regarding your shrubs, trees and lawn and give recommendations about pest control, fertilization and more.

We’ll discuss your landscape priorities and create a maintenance schedule for future visits.  Your personalized plant healthcare program could include everything from spraying or pruning for insect and disease management to tree fertilization and monitoring irrigation levels.

Call Texas Tree Team today to schedule a plant healthcare inspection and let us keep your landscape looking good all year long.